Want to Know What Signs to Look out for with Your Transmission?

What Are Some Problems Found During Auto Transmission Diagnostics?

Issues that occur during auto transmission diagnostics can present themselves in numerous forms, ranging from dashboard indication lights, harsh or slipping shifts, bad performance, and out of place sounds. Because many problems can be corrected easily, having an accurate diagnosis is extremely important. After all, who wants to fork out hundreds of dollars on a service which doesn’t repair the problem, when you could have repaired for cheaper. Should your transmission be slipping and you are looking for quality information to educate yourself, then by all means read on. (more…)

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Confused about Which Type of Transmission to Go For?

Are Stick Shifts Cheaper than Automatic Transmission Repair?

A vehicle that has a manual transmission, also referred to as a stick shift, is much cheaper than an automatic on transmission, not only for the vehicle but also when it comes down to automatic transmission repair. However, the difference is not as big as some drivers think it is, more so with the later model vehicles. From an automaker’s stand, manual transmissions are cheaper to install than their automatic counterparts, and this will be reflected by their price. Also, in the hands of more experienced drivers, manual cars have been known to be more fuel efficient, which will lead to greater savings over the lifespan of a vehicle. (more…)

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