Confused about Which Type of Transmission to Go For?

Are Stick Shifts Cheaper than Automatic Transmission Repair?

A vehicle that has a manual transmission, also referred to as a stick shift, is much cheaper than an automatic on transmission, not only for the vehicle but also when it comes down to automatic transmission repair. However, the difference is not as big as some drivers think it is, more so with the later model vehicles. From an automaker’s stand, manual transmissions are cheaper to install than their automatic counterparts, and this will be reflected by their price. Also, in the hands of more experienced drivers, manual cars have been known to be more fuel efficient, which will lead to greater savings over the lifespan of a vehicle.

Regarding their sticker price, stick shifts are cheaper, the price difference is not, however, too excessive, and when one buys an expensive car, it will not seem so important. Due to the ever rising demand for automatic transmissions, it can be hard to find manual cars that come with the same features as automatic ones do, and drivers sometimes need to place a special order for a vehicle that has a manual transmission, instead of driving a vehicle from the lot the same day.

The difference in regard to efficiency between an automatic and stick shift, was once much more pronounced. However, from the 90s on, many automakers started to improve the efficiency of transmissions, which made them smoother to drive, and more fuel-efficient. The difference in this is almost negligible, more so in vehicles manufactured after 2000; however, more experienced drivers will still save money when driving a stick shift car.

Even though it is possible for a motorist to have greater control, in addition to greater fuel economy when driving a stick shift, these drivers must be experienced and knowledgeable with an engine dynamics. Very few drivers are, though, and most will drive inefficiently, which means a car is not as efficient on fuel than the automatic version of the identical vehicle.

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