Think Your Clutch or Transmission Is on the Way Out?

Tips from a Transmission Shop on the Causes of Shift Solenoid Malfunctions


Shift solenoid malfunctions are sometimes caused by various mechanical and electrical issues. These are generally used to regulate valve bodies or to control the clutch in some direct way. One cause of a shift solenoid malfunction is when the actual solenoid gets stuck, although plugged valves can also cause various different faults.


Electrical problems will also result in a shift solenoid malfunction¬†as these parts will require a battery voltage in order to work properly. Any wiring or parts that are between a solenoid and a transmission unit, or TCU for short, can, in theory, create a shift solenoid malfunction. With today’s more modern electronically controlled transmissions, the main job of a shift solenoid is to allow the gears to be changed.


This can be performed in various different ways, which are mainly done by the transmission control unit, or other such computer modules. The shift solenoids will be responsible for changing the gears automatically, as each driving condition alters. However, they can be activated when a driver chooses either a low gear, overdrive, or another similar option. Because the mechanical and electrical components are involved in the changing of shift solenoids, there are several different things which may lead to malfunction.


Most shift solenoid malfunctions will be mechanical by nature like a plunger that has stuck. This kind of shift solenoid malfunction will be due to a contamination of fluid, which in turn causes a plunger to stop moving when given a signal to. Then, the car will fail to shift correctly when something like this happens, and an error code will be in the on board computer. Sadly, these plungers are unable to be fixed, so the entire unit will have to be replaced. This will require the knowledge of a reliable transmission shop who will remove the transmission pan. Sometimes, the valve body will need to be lowered as well.


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